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We know private school admissions better than anyone. The PORTAL core is the result of helping hundreds of schools over 15 years be successful in admissions. Our work over time with a broad range of clients has enabled us to distill the most effective best practices and incorporate that productivity into our solutions.

PORTAL tracks the myriad details of student and family—from inquiry through enrollment and re-enrollment—and organizes this data in a way that lets you make effective, informed decisions.

PORTAL makes it easy to take action. Manage communications and productivity tasks inside the solution—no exports. Produce lists, letters and email inside PORTAL. BROADCASTER 3, iR's new email wizard, lets you send artfully designed, merged emails to any group in your database. It also brings you up-to-the-minute statistics for each broadcast.

PORTAL reports let you monitor the status of your admissions season and act strategically. Work smarter with PORTAL.

All solutions by inRESONANCE are open, customizable FileMaker® Pro. We'll transform your productivity right out of the box, and also adapt as your school changes over time.

And now FileMaker Go makes your data portable.

The following video is a 58-minute webinar in which Susan McAllister demonstrates some of the paperless workflow of the iR Enrollment Suite, hosted by the Association of Independent School Admission Professionals (AISAP).

And here is a recording of Kevin presenting a webinar for AISAP entitled "Counting and Reporting Inquiries: More Complicated Than Sometimes Assumed"

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