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Data and Web Solutions for Independent Schools

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A mobile solution for safe school pickup, early release, extended day, student dismissal, and more
“Where are my children?”
“On their way.”

Parents love it.

With the TavTrac parent app, parents are in control. They can add approved vehicles and drivers with ease, enter last-minute changes to their child’s pick-up routine, and notify the school of an absence, late arrival, or early departure. Parents love knowing that the school will be instantly informed.  With the bus app, parents will know exactly where their child’s bus is in real time. Parents can track progress and be ready when the bus doors open and their child steps out.  

SDA Schools iPad

Schools love it.

Improve parent communication, increase security, and reduce traffic congestion. TavTrac’s easy check-in and check-out system keeps track of every student’s arrival and departure. The TavTrac dashboards list approved vehicles and drivers, with names and photos of students associated with each vehicle. They also track student arrival and instantly identify any unaccounted-for children, as well as which students won’t be at pick-up, and which students remain on campus.

Easy attendance

Teachers and group managers rely on TavTrac for authoritative attendance. Faculty, staff, and coaches can easily check students in and out of class and activities. The app also provides quick access to parent contact information, so important communication can happen instantly.