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Get Training

The more you know about your solution, the more creative and efficient you will be. We encourage our clients to keep learning—by attending webinars, by using the documentation site and by attending iRU. We also offer annual checkups as well as additional on-site training. If there are new members of your office staff, iR is standing by to bring your newbies up to speed.

inRESONANCE University (iRU)

iRU is held twice a year in Northampton, Massachusetts. Clients rave about the in-depth training and priceless networking value of our three-day workshops. We offer solution-specific workshops and general FileMaker Pro trainings focused by skill level. The purchase of a core solution includes a complimentary iRU registration.

iRU information page

  • $1300 per person (Active License)
  • $2000 per person (No Active License)

    Onsite Training and Remote Training

    We can work with you and your staff, on your campus, in your offices, to provide more advanced skills and knowledge of your iR solution. Onsite training works well when there has been staff turnover or promotions and several of your colleagues need initial core product training. We are also experts at remote training by screenshare. We’ll work with you to create a curriculum that meets your needs.

    Contact Support 

    Speak with Support for information and pricing.   $1500 per day

    Online User Documentation


    Log in with your school email address  to visit our documentation help site. If you have any issues logging in, please contact [email protected]. You can also post and subscribe to our User Group Discussion Forum.