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Admissions & Enrollment

Every tool you need, from inquiry to decision, contracts & deposits, and re-enrollment forms






  • Online enrollment process, from inquiry through contract
  • Remote interviews & folder reading
  • Secure online deposits

Parents want a process that requires less paper, and keeps them organized and informed. The admissions office wants a paperless workflow that makes it easier to cultivate applicants. We also understand that some families and some processes do not work online, for which we offer options.




  • Multi-year financial aid tracking and reporting
  • Collect application fees and deposits easily and flexibly
  • Online tuition and fees billing available as an option

Getting to the proper balance of tuition and financial aid is a delicate, moving target. We provide the tools to make informed decisions, communicate with parents, and track revenue against  projections.



Data Mining

  • Easy and powerful queries and lists
  • Robust built-in reporting
  • Research your data with ad-hoc reporting tools

Get strategic. Ask questions of your data. Our solutions make it easy to do complex searches, report on-demand, then take action.



Online Forms

  • Online Inquiries, event registration, applications, and recommendations
  • Online re-enrollment and school forms
  • Secure document upload
  • Seamless integration and zero data entry

You can do almost anything with our flexible, integrated online forms and admissions and enrollment portals. Instant feedback online for families to check their admissions status, making it easy for them to continue and complete the process. Seamless integration ensures your team spends minimal time on processing submissions and can focus on families.  




  • Personalized, merged email communications
  • Built-in with seamless integration to the database
  • Record-specific attachments and other powerful individualizing tools

Communication is key. Whether you're sending out interview confirmations, contracts, bump letters, or invitations to revisit events, you can track interest and plan your follow-up strategy for best results.



Student Outplacement

  • Manage the process from planning to follow-up
  • Produce and share documents
  • Track applications and decisions

Support students and their families as they explore options for their next move.




  • Integration with School Application Online (SAO)
  • Applicants can manage remainder of process online
  • E-check and credit cards
  • Recurring payments
  • Easily upload/view photos
  • Auto facial recognition for tagging and categorizing photos
  • Secure portals