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Student Management System (SIS)

Manage students, courses, grades, critical communications with parents—and connect with your teaching and learning tools





Standards-Based Assessment

  • Criteria-based reports
  • Compatible with American, International Baccalaureate, British and other curricula

Student assessment and reporting to parents is one of the most critical jobs of your school, and every school approaches this task differently. Customizable assessment reports reflect your mission and approach, and communicate that your faculty knows each student well.



Web & Mobile

  • Mobile class lists and attendance
  • Web-based teacher portal for lookups, grades/comments entry and proofing, attendance, and more
  • Web-based parent portal for attendance, report cards, and school directory

Parents and students appreciate secure, online access to attendance, report cards, and more. Faculty access student data from multiple devices in multiple locations. iR's web-based teacher access makes it easy for faculty to perform key tasks on time.



Data Integration

  • Data shuttle to LMS, emergency alert, and other products
  • Single Sign-on (SSO) integration with most partners
  • Active/Open Directory compatibility

We know that schools need to use a variety of products to satisfy a range of needs in managing their students—from emergency alert systems to schedulers to learning management products. We are dedicated to making those connections; our database is designed to be used with many products and services being utilized by independent schools. We are built to connect.



Online Forms

  • Re-enrollment forms
  • Health forms
  • Field trip permission forms and more
  • Payment forms

You can do almost anything with our do-it-yourself online forms. Reach out with an online form to parents and complete re-enrollment in record time. Forms are processed with zero data entry. The best part—no paper! 




  • Personalized, merged email communications
  • Built-in with seamless integration to the database
  • Record-specific attachments and other powerful tools

Communication is key. Whether you're sending out interim reports, health notices, or a monthly newsletter, you can track reader interest and plan your follow-up strategy for optimal results.



Health Center

  • Track visits, medications, immunizations, allergies, and conditions
  • Produce lists and reports
  • Publish medical alerts

Be proactive as you build cumulative health records for students, faculty, and visitors to the school.




Learning Management Systems

and many others

Timetable and Scheduling Services

Class A Scheduler

  • Easily upload/view photos
  • Auto facial recognition for tagging and categorizing photos
  • Secure portals