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We’re your partner, not your vendor.

Founded by educators who wanted to provide practical solutions and strategies, iR is very different from the usual vendor selling products. We partner with clients to provide expertise and guidance in an ongoing conversation to address your evolving needs.

Our support philosophy:

Charges for support and training should be transparent.

Ongoing training and support empower you. The more you learn, the more effectively you'll employ your solution. Some vendors will tell you they “don’t charge” for support. This is a myth. Everyone charges for support; some companies just build in the cost ahead of time.

Some clients need less assistance than others.

We cannot anticipate the level of support you’ll require, so we choose not to charge a flat fee. We’ll charge you for only the support you need.

"Customizable" is not the same as "custom."

At iR, we don’t create custom software for each client. Our core solutions, developed from our experience with hundreds of schools over a decade, are powerful and complete, right out of the box. And we will perform some basic modifications during implementation.

Beyond this, you may want to tweak your solution to match your institutional culture. Some clients never customize; some have data needs so complex they require extensive customizations. The majority of our clients require just a few, simple customizations, and learn to adapt their solutions themselves.

Open, customizable solutions will transform your productivity in ways a closed solution never could.

The more you learn about the potential of your open, customizable solution, the more you will want to do with it. You may need help with some of your ideas. At iR, you will be billed only for the time it takes us to assist you.

We support you all along the way:
  • We provide remote training, customizations, and support through virtual meetings and remote logins to your files
  • Virtual training may be the most economical choice under certain circumstances
  • Our online documentation site includes documentation, screencasts, and webinar recordings.
  • Pay-As-You-Go: iR’s team can step in when you need us. $200 per hour.