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Welcome to Schoolyard 2.0


Schoolyard is better than ever

COMING SOON! Transform your outreach and impact with SY Builder's Drag-and-Drop Content Creation.

  • Create new pages — and edit existing ones — with our all-new, graphic-based content authoring system
  • Build new templates or choose from our content library of over 50 preconfigured components: news panels, image galleries, testimonials, and more let you generate interactive, beautiful pages.  

AVAILABLE NOW! Image Compression System: Compress images during upload and on the fly, to drastically improve your site's performance and load speed.

This Schoolyard release includes updates to image processing on slideshows, blocks, views, and other functionality that outputs images. 

  • Additional image styles added throughout the platform to reduce image sizes to a more web-friendly resolution
  • Images are now processed through the image optimizer.
  • All images already uploaded to the site will be updated, along with all future image uploads.

The end result is faster and more SEO-friendly page loads, with up to a 50-75% reduction in page load size. 

See page load improvements on image-heavy front pages ranging from 1 second to 20 seconds, depending on browser, Internet connection, and other site-specific factors.

Notable Bug Fixes:

  • Illegal Value Error on Events Import: We've resolved the issue with the system throwing a false error on events import.  
  • User Import Email send failure: The user importer is now correctly sending emails on import. New users will now receive their credentials as intended upon import.
  • Custom HTML breaks Admin Theme: We've resolved display issues with the admin overlay when custom HTML was being injected into pages.

If you have questions regarding any of these updates, please contact Support.